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EN World Review – Outer Veil: The Astral Splendour by Spica Publishing

the astral splendour coverWelcome Back Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

Fall is passing by ever so quickly now, and I must say that I don’t much look forward to how quickly the frosty sprites of Winter will soon be upon us!  I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable All Hallow’s Eve, and you were treated more often than tricked this year.

As you might expect, this week I have another review posted on EN World News, and this one features a new product for Mongoose Games’ version of the Traveller RPG.  Indie publisher, Spica Games, has been churning out plenty of Traveller content over the past three years.  And recently, they’ve added a new supplement for the long-lived space opera game, featuring all the thrills and perils of being a commercial passenger in the spaceways of the far future!

For more information about this 3PP Traveller RPG release, please jump-2 over to EN World News, and just dock at the starport to read the review in full:

Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil: The Astral Splendour (for Traveller RPG) Showcases Space Travel Without Owning a Starship!

And as I blogged about last week, I did get a chance to attend my first cosplay convention here at Detroit’s Youmacon this last weekend!  It was really an amazing experience, not to mention a lot of fun just to hang out and “persona-watch” all the great costumed attendees walking by.  Many of the consumes were for Animé that I’ve never seen before, along with a good helping of fantasy and scifi movie characters, and handfuls of comic book heroes and villains (and heroines and villainesses) thrown in here and there.  Check out the pics below of my first run at cosplay – a Steam punk version of Mr. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot – better known as The Penguin!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

Cobblepot in Detroit rdc
The Penguin Returns rdc

tools of the trade rdc

The Brolly is equipped with the latest toxin atomizer!

Ware the Umbrella rdc

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