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EN World Review – ParaSpace Role-Playing System

paraspace coverHappy Wednesday, fellow gamers – it’s half-way through the week and time for another review over on EN World News.  This week I am departing a bit from my usual D&D 4E, and taking a look at a generic role-playing game, published in the UK, called the ParaSpace Role-Playing System.

This new game system is purported to be able to function in any game genre and any game setting – from heroic fantasy, to futuristic science-fiction, and even all forms of horror.  Regretfully, the author of ParaSpace RPS appears to have concentrated so hard on creating a game complex and detailed enough to cover all genres, filling the core rulebook with an overabundance of rules to cover every possible contingency, that he clearly forgot that the whole point of a game is that it also needs to be fun to play!

For a detailed analysis of the ParaSpace RPS, please click the link below to head over to EN World News site and read the full review:

Review of ParaSpace Role-Playing System

There are plenty of game systems already on the market which do a fine job of being genre and setting non-specific – I’m a big fan of the Hero System and OGL myself – and these don’t suffer from the tectonically massive pile of rules that the author of the ParaSpace RPS seems to feel is required for such a game system.  While I cannot deny that ParaSpace is quite an undertaking, with a 340 pages of rules to show for it, the game would not be one I would ever want to try and teach my friends – or even try to master myself!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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