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EN World Review – Running Epic Tier D&D Games by Mike Shea

running_epic_tier cover artHappy Humpday my fellow gamers, on this eve of Saint Patrick’s Day!

So is it ironic or merely a bizarre coincidence that that today’s EN World Review would be about a book by an author with a Irish-descended last name of Shea?  Of course I am speaking about Mike Shea, Dungeon Master and founder of the Sly website, and frequent 4E blogger on not only his site, but as a guest at the Critical site as well.

Today I had the chance to review his book Running Epic Tier D&D Games, containing all kinds of DM tips and advice on how to create challenging game play for the highest levels of D&D 4E campaigning.  For more details on my review of this book on the EN World News site, please click the link below and head over to find out all about it:

Review of Running Epic Tier D&D Games by Michael E. Shea

While D&D 4E has been out only a few years now, the game system offers Players and Dungeon Masters a progression speed capable of seeing Epic Tier play in a reasonable period of time.  And considering the newness of this edition, few DMs have had the experience necessary with the game to walk into Epic Tier play without at least a little trepidation!  Running Epic Tier D&D Games has some great advice about this level of play, and from a DM that has actually gone there and back again to the end of a Level 1 to 30 campaign!  (See Mike’s blog on Critical Hits.comWhat I Learned Running a 1 to 30 D&D Campaign )

So have you yet to run an Epic Tier campaign or even an Epic Tier D&D game in this edition or a previous one?  As a DM, are you looking forward to handling characters of Level 21+, or is it something you’d rather not have to deal with?  As a Player, have you tried your hand at an Epic Tier character yet?  Is the Epic Tier your ultimate goal for your character or do you rather enjoy lower level play?

As always, your comments and feedback are most welcome, and I look forward to hearing about the experiences from fellow D&D gamers!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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