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EN World Review – Savage World Deluxe by Pinnacle Entertainment Group

savage worlds coverHappy Thursday Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!

Hopefully those of you who are, like me, digging out from yesterday’s winter storm are in good spirits, and are getting their power restored promptly.  Of course, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably got your power back on today after all!

I’m quite pleased to announce that I did manage to finally get accommodations for GENCON this year.  I didn’t get my room through the Housing Block, as it is pretty obvious by now that there is simply nothing left – and the waiting list was reported as having thousands of gamers looking to get into rooms on the Block.  But instead I just persevered and kept looking daily through online sites – KAYAK is a good one – and finally hit a decent room just four blocks north of the convention center!

So if you’re still looking for GENCON accommodations and didn’t get on the waiting list, just keep checking those online sites – it worked for me and a couple of other friends going to GENCON this year!

Last night, I had the chance to post a new RPG product review to EN World News.   This week, I took a look at the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  It had won an ENnie award back in 2012, and I thought it was high time to review the system – particularly in the light that next week I’ll be reviewing their recent release of the Savage World Companion: Science Fiction!

To read all about the Savage World Deluxe RPG, please click on the link below and head over to EN World News to check out this week’s review:

Better Late than Never: A Long Overdue Review of Savage Worlds Deluxe

I really appreciate the folks at Pinnacle Entertainment Group for providing me with the Savage World RPG rules and new Companions.  I think there are a lot of awesome things you can do with a generic system of this kind, and I look forward to seeing more releases from PEG!

So until next review… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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