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EN World Review – Savage Worlds: Science Fiction Companion by Pinnacle Entertainment Group

savage worlds scifi comp coverGood day to you, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!

It’s hard to believe that February is almost halfway over, and the gaming convention season has already begun for us here in the Midwest.  This weekend at my alma mater, The University of Toledo, my old gaming club is putting on their yearly convention, BASHCON It’s running from Feb. 14 to Feb. 16, and is in its 29th year as a gaming convention.  If you’re anywhere close to Toledo, Ohio, I highly recommend that you stop by and have some fun – it’s an awesome convention!

As I promised in last week’s blog, I selected another PEG release for a follow-up to my review of Savage Worlds Deluxe RPG.  The Savage Worlds: Science Fiction Companion is a supplemental sourcebook for creating and running science fiction settings using the Savage World RPG system.

To find out more about this gaming product, please click the link below to zip over to EN World News and read the full review:

A Universe of Heroic Adventure awaits in the PEG’s Savage Worlds: Science Fiction Companion!

I’m quickly becoming a real fan of the Savage Worlds RPG system, and this Companion has plenty of resources to help a GM create a solid space opera setting.  And if Science Fiction isn’t your thing, there’s also a Super Powers Companion that was also released that I will be reviewing next month!

Best part about being a reviewer – there’s always something new in the gaming world to look forward to checking out!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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