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EN World Review – Shadow of the Winter King by Erik Scott de Bie

Shadow-of-Winter-King-cover-2Greetings and Well Met Fellow Gamers!

I hope that you are having a great week here in the middle of May, and that you have some awesome plans for gaming this coming weekend.  Personally, I’ve got a new campaign starting up that I’m really excited about, and my group is gathering to create characters this Saturday using the Savage Worlds RPG rules.  The setting is my own, and I’ll likely to be blogging a bit about it in the coming months – it’s been a while since I ran a space opera campaign, and I’ve got a ton of ideas I’ve been saving up for a new near-Earth not-too-distant-future setting.

Also, I’d like to remind everyone that this Sunday at new is the start of Event Registration for GENCON 2014It starts at noon on May 18th, and I wish everyone attending the best of luck getting the games and events they want to play this August at the “Best Four Days of Gaming”.

This week, my review over on EN World is a bit of a change of pace.  Instead of a RPG product, I was given the wonderful opportunity to do a pre-release review of Erik Scott de Bie’s new novel Shadow of the Winter King, the first book of his World of Ruin series!  For RPG fans, especially those familiar with Dungeons & Dragons and the Forgotten Realms novels, Erik Scott de Bie is no stranger, and his literary contributions to fantasy gaming and tale-spinning are quite noteworthy.

To check out some details about this new fantasy novel, please click on the link below to head on over to EN World to read my complete review:

Erik Scott de Bie’s New Novel “Shadow of the Winter King” Unleashes the Darker Side of Heroic Fantasy

Spoiler alert for my review – I loved this novel, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the World of Ruin series!  I was just commenting to friends the other week that I’m “fantasied out” a bit, but I found myself totally enthralled by this dark fantasy tale.  It’s the real deal when they refer to a novel as a “page-turner”.

And so I would like to thank Erik for the opportunity to review his new work, and I certainly wish him all the best with its release.  It goes on sale this month, on May 20th, and is available in both Trade Paperback and Kindle formats.

And I just have to wonder, given that Erik Scott de Bie is an author of both novels and game content…

Is there a World of Ruin campaign setting lurking in the future?!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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