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EN World Review – Snakeriders of the Aradondo by Tim Kask

snakeriders coverHappy New Years’ fellow gamers!  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday this year, and are enjoying the fact that we have once again survived yet-another-end-of-the-world scenario!  I think this is something like the fifth time I’ve managed to survive the End of the World, so I’m feeling pretty invincible now going into the new year of 2013!

This first review of the new year comes with some rather excited news I’ve been following in the gaming community – that of TSR being reborn under the leadership of Gary Gygax’s sons – Ernie and Luke!  Not only is TSR gearing up to start supporting the OSR and FRP gaming community, it has also managed to “get the old band” back together once again!  A lot of the who’s who of the old RPG design crowd are contributing to TSR’s new Gygax Magazine, including Jim Ward, Tim Kask, Len Lekofka, and Wolfgang Bauer – and includes some newer members of the gaming design crowd such as Michael Tresca, Dennis Detwiller, and gaming pundit Ethan Gilsdorf.  Even Order of the Stick is finding a new home at Gygax Magazine,  so it’s definitely something to watch in the coming year!

And speaking of Tim Kask – one of old TSR’s first employees and now one of new TSR’s as well – today’s review features a game product penned by this worthy, and published under the banner of Eldritch EnterprisesSnakeriders of the Aradondo is an OSR-style adventure, published in a system neutral format, and features action and adventure in a danger-filled temple lost within an equally danger-filled jungle!

For all the details about this OSR adventure module, please click the link below and head over to EN World News to read the complete review:

Review of Snakeriders of the Aradondo by Tim Kask

As a longtime gamer of AD&D and beyond, I’m excited to hear about the news of TSR’s rebirth, and about the products offered by Eldritch Enterprises.  It’s great to see the names of authors I grew up with as a young role-playing gamer once again gracing the pages of cool new products, and I look forward to seeing what is in store for the FRP gaming community in the coming months!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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