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EN World Review – Soldiers of Fortune by Matt James

soldiers of fortune coverWell I’ve posted another EN World Review this week, and I have the real pleasure to recommend the new Soldiers of Fortune sourcebook to my fellow Dungeon Masters and 4E gamers.  This D&D 4E supplement was written by Matt James for the folks at Open Design – the publishers of Kobold Quarterly incidentally – and is a real tour de force examination on running a military style campaign, set against the backdrop of war and the pitched battles between armies.

For more information regarding this review, please click on the link and head over to EN World for all the details:

Review of Soldiers of Fortune by Open Design

I have run a couple of military-style D&D campaigns in previous editions – 2nd Ed and 3.5 to be precise – and these campaigns can be a very enjoyable change of pace from the standard devil-may-care dungeon-delver adventuring that many D&D players experience.  The material provided by Mr. James offers a lot of solid assistance to Dungeon Masters wanting to try their hand at pushing their heroes into a blood-and-guts war-torn campaign arc, and is definitely priced to make it an attractive addition to any DM’s bookshelf.

Have you ever tried Dungeon Mastering a campaign set in the middle of a massive war between two kingdoms?  Or do you have first-hand experience with having your character pulled into a campaign where battles raged across the lands, or were forced (volunteered) to join the army?

As always, your comments and feedback are most welcome!

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