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EN World Review – Sword Worlds by Mongoose Publishing

traveller sword worlds coverGreetings fellow gamers, and welcome to this week’s installment of my review over at EN World News!  This week, I am very excited to discuss the new version of one of my all-time favorite game systems – Traveller!  I’ve been playing this science-fiction RPG for almost as long as I have been playing D&D, and I think it’s fair to say that learning to play Dungeons & Dragons was the gateway to discovering other role-playin games, like GDW’s Traveller.

Currently, Mongoose Publishing is working with the Traveller license from Far Future Games, and has updated the old “little black book” system to a more modern and playable version.  Interestingly, they have revised the old setting as well, which had morphed many times over the years with each new version of the game, to what they now call the OTU or Original Traveller Universe, and have already released over a dozen sourcebooks and supplements in the past couple years. There is also hints that Mongoose Publishing will be looking for ways of combining OTU’s The Third Imperium setting with their other licensed game settings of Judge Dread, Strontium Dogs, and Hammer’s Slammers!

But for this week, I am reviewing an adventure setting supplement for The Third Imperium called Sword Worlds, detailing a very unique sub-sector of the Spinward Marches.  To read the full details about this Traveller product, click the link below and head over to EN World to check out the review:

Review of The Third Imperium: Sword Worlds by Mongoose Publishing

I really enjoyed this book quite a lot, and it was very nostalgic to check out the newly revised system of Mongoose Publishing’s version of old Traveller.  This sourcebook offers campaign information for both players and GMs, and can be used to create many exciting adventures, as well as new player-characters in the setting.  If you’re a fan of old Traveller, as I am, definitely check out the review, and make sure to download the new Traveller SRD from Mongoose Publishing, to see how the game has changed from the original version.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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Michael is an Adept of a Secret Order of Dungeon Masters, and dwells in a hidden realm with his two evil cat-familiars, deep within the Vale of Wolverines, called by some "Michigan". He has been esoterically conjuring D&D Campaigns for nearly a Third of a Century, and has been known to cast ritual blogs concerning Dungeons & Dragons every few days with some regularity. Michael has freelanced for Wizards of the Coast, and writes reviews of D&D and other Role-Playing Game products on EN World News.


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  1. For a moment I thought you meant the Japanese tabletop RPG Sword World and I was extremely confused and excited. Oh my, oh me. Still, good review.

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