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EN World Review – Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox by Sneak Attack Press

terrain toolbox coverWell it looks like Halloween is over, and here we are in November already, looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!  This week has been a busy one for me, reformatting the laptop I do all my D&D 4E writing on, finally upgrading the operating system and then trying to get it back into some semblance of its previous usefulness.  It was high time for an OS upgrade though, and I’m pleased to report that my favorite tool for working on all my writing projects is running better than ever!  Of course, had you asked a couple days ago, I would have told you I should have just kept running the accursed Vista and been happy with it!

Anyways, here we are on Wednesday again, and I have a new review posted over at EN World News.  This week, I am reviewing the recent release by Sneak Attack Press called Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox, and it is chock full of useful terrain and terrain powers to add to almost any encounter.  The terrain ranges from mundane to fantastical and everything in between, and it is all scalable to any encounter level.

For more details about this supplement, please click the link below and head over to EN World and check out the full review:

Review of Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox by Sneak Attack Press

I was really pleased with what this supplement offers 4E DMs, and it comes priced quite modestly for the amount of content inside.  There are some great ideas in here for taking encounters to the next level by adding to the “set” of the adventure, and letting the player-characters take advantage of the surrounding terrain, rather than just using it like a backdrop.  This work by Sneak Attack Press represents a way to add some more fun and excitement to encounters, and well worth considering to add to any DMs virtual bookshelf.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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