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EN World Review – The Dark Totem Part 1: The Chantry Keep by Rocks Fall Games

dark totem new coverGreetings Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers, come in out of the storms and enjoy the blog today!  This week has certainly seen some shockingly powerful thunderstorms and snowstorms, and if May flowers require such deluges to bring them forth, I think I’d rather forego spring altogether and just jump straight to summer, thank you very much!

As it is Wednesday once again, I have a new review posted over on EN World News, but this review is somewhat of a “first” of its kind in the history of the Neuroglyph Games site.  For the first time, I am actually re-reviewing a product, one which I had originally given a rather poor grade overall.  As a Reviewer, I had always told myself not to do this, because felt as if it would open a can of ethical worms I had no desire to have crawling around on my weekly column.  But the author appealed to me to give his new rendition of the product a second look, and it was so vastly improved and full of new content that it was like reviewing a new work altogether!

So today, I have a new review of a re-released adventure module, written for the Pathfinder RPG, and adaptable to 3.5/OGL as well.  Rocks Fall Games re-designed The Dark Totem Part 1 into something quite new, and well worth giving it a new opportunity to be reviewed.

To find out more about this adventure module, please click on the link below to head over to the EN World News for the detail on my re-review:

Review of The Dark Totem Part 1: The Chantry Keep by Rocks Fall Games

I must salute the perseverance and hard work it took for the author to re-write this adventure, particularly after receiving tough reviews from myself and others.  I truly feel that the author of The Dark Totem Part 1: The Chantry Keep took my critiques seriously and constructively, and produced a new version of the adventure which is far more cohesive, and a really just a darned good fantasy storyline.

I hope my re-review of this re-released adventure module gives it the credit it deserves, and I wish the folks at Rocks Fall Games the best in this and their future products.

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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