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EN World Review – The Lazy Dungeon Master by Mike Shea

lazy dm coverGreetings and warm wishes, Fellow Gamer!  I hope that this Wednesday finds you well, and that you have some great gaming plans for the rest of the week and the coming weekend!  With many colleges and universities out on spring break this week and next week, I would imagine a number of gamers, those not trekking off to tropical locales, will be getting a chance to enjoy a well-deserved rest and a chance to do some hard-core gaming with old friends!

Being Wednesday once again, I have another installment of my weekly Review Column on EN World News.  This time around, I’m taking a look at the book Mike Shea released a few months ago called The Lazy Dungeon Master.  As many Readers may know, Mike Shea is well-known for his Sly Flourish blog which has many great DM tips for running D&D 4E, and other games as well.  This book is no exception, and is packed with a ton of ideas for making DM prep time faster, more efficient, and more enjoyable, which is likely to enhance the gaming experience for the players as well!

For all the details about this book, please click the link below to go to EN World News and read the review in full:

Review of The Lazy Dungeon Master by Mike Shea

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough, and once you read the review I hope you’ll agree.  Anything that makes a DM or GM more effective at organizing and running a game is golden, and the book is very modestly priced for all the great ideas and methods it contains.  It definitely makes me rethink how I myself run my games, and I’m certain to adopt many if not all the ideas Mr. Shea has laid out in The Lazy Dungeon Master!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Mike Shea for giving me the opportunity to review his recent book, and wish him all the best with spreading the word about how to be a lazy, yet strangely more effective, Dungeon Master!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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