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EN World Review – The Slithering Monsoon by Rattlesnake Games

the slithering monsoon coverHappy Post-Super-Tuesday, fellow gamers!  I promise, that’s the last political statement I’ll make in this blog, as I think gamers tend to be happier considering the local politics of the kingdom where their characters reside rather than the machinations of the Republican Party to try and win the White House this year.

And speaking of gamer politics, I wanted to thank those folks who have been reading and commenting on my other blogs regarding the nature of the proposed concepts and ideas going into D&D Next and where that leaves us players who like 4E.  I’ve really appreciated all the feedback, both pros and cons, and I look forward to continuing to cover the topics of D&D Next as well as houserules for D&D 4E in future blogs.

Today’s EN World Review is the first adventure module by a publisher called Rattlesnake Games.  Based out of Ohio, the authors of The Slithering Monsoon offers this up as a “byte-sized” adventure, usable as a stand-alone side trek or as part of a larger adventure story arc which a DM can work into their campaign.

For complete details about The Slithering Monsoon, please click the link below and head over to EN World News to read the entire review:

Review of The Slithering Monsoon by Rattlesnake Games

Although there were some technical issues with The Slithering Monsoon, it is still not a bad first adventure module product from a 3PP like Rattlesnake Games.  It is very modestly priced, and has some decent ideas, and I certainly hope that my review is received more as a helpful critique to inspire better future products from this publisher.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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