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EN World Review – The Sunken Pyramid by Raging Swan Press

the sunken pyramid coverHello again, Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!  I hope this week finds you all hale and hearty, and preparing for a weekend of gaming fun!

I’ve been having a great time gaming myself these days, getting a chance to play in a local game using D&D 3.5 rules – and it feels very odd to be on the other side of the DM screen, I can tell you!  I’ve got a Bard I’m working up in level, and have aspirations for one day making him a member of the Fochlucan College with the Fochlucan Lyrist Prestige Class (from Complete Adventurer).  Our DM has a very cool homebrew world he’s been using for a number of years, a dark ages-like setting where elves rule over foolish humans to keep them from creating a catastrophe as they did centuries ago. A really interesting premise, but it makes me periodically wonder if rolling up a human Bard instead of an elven one was really such a smart idea.

This week I have posted another review on EN World News, featuring a Pathfinder RPG adventure module by Raging Swan PressThe Sunken Pyramid offers PF gamers an unusual adventure setting, deep under the sea in a strange ruin packed with nasty creatures and ancient evil – hope you brought your Bottle of Air!

To check out all the perils packed into The Sunken Pyramid, please click the link below to dive down to EN World News and read my review in full:

The Sunken Pyramid: An undersea adventure perilous enough to frighten Robert Ballard out of his wetsuit!

I really had a great time reading and reviewing The Sunken Pyramid, and I’m quite likely to run the adventure next time I’ve got a Pathfinder RPG campaign going.  Raging Swan Press did a great job on this adventure, threw in lots of details, and made a really nifty experience for PF GMs and players!

So until next blog… I wish you happy gaming!

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