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EN World Review – UNTOLD: The Game

untold coverThis week, I am deviating from my usual review of D&D 4E and other related stuff to take a look at a new and very innovative game system for my EN World Review – UNTOLD.  This role-playing game by Ignitus Innovation, Inc. (previously Wandering Men Studios LLC) utilizes a unique collectible card system for not only creating characters, but designing encounters and resolving skill and combat challenges as well!

For more information about this game and my review, please click the link below to head over to EN World for full details:

Review of Untold: The Game by Ignitus Innovation

I’ve played a lot of different role-playing games in the past, including the new D&D 4E Gamma World RPG – which also uses collectible cards, I might add – but UNTOLD takes the use of cards in a new direction, allowing them to define the actions and plot of an adventure, and to enhance the story-telling experience.  While the game might not resonate with every role-playing group, I have a feeling that there are plenty of RP-ers out there looking for a new way to adventure without the need for rulebooks, piles of dice, or even character sheets!

I know ,right…  no character sheets?!  Feels like not putting on pants before heading into the office, but the designers at UNTOLD made it work!  If you’d like to check out more information about UNTOLD: The Game, please feel free to visit their official website to find out all the details and products available for this CBRPG.

So has anyone tried UNTOLD out there?  Does the idea of a nearly diceless, character sheet-less RPG sound enticing, or just plain confusing?

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback – I always enjoy reading my fellow Gamers points-of-view!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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  1. Have you seen Everway or the DragonStorm RPG? They both used cards for pretty much everything and are mostly diceless as well. This concept — while interesting — is less revolutionary than it might seem.

    I’m a fan of this kind of game and still mess with DragonStorm sometimes for fun. It’s old and out of production (mostly) but you should give it a look.

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