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EN World Review – Vor Rukoth by Wizards of the Coast

vor rukoth cover artI feel particularly excited about today’s review blog, as it gave me the opportunity to shine the spotlight on a WotC product which went, by my reckoning, unjustly unnoticed.  You can read the full review over at EN World News by clicking the link below:

Review of Vor Rukoth by Wizards of the Coast

Vor Rukoth is one of those rare gems published by WotC which deserved far more hype than it got – not surprising when it was released battling for attention among sibling-products like The Tomb of Horrors and the Dark Sun Campaign Setting.  This adventure setting depicting a ruined city – a remnant of the Arkohsian War – is really a marvel, and has the potential to provide a campaign with dozens of adventures and hundreds of hours of play.  And although the inclusion of tieflings and dragonborn in certain campaigns settings is not universally popular amongst all 4E Dungeon Masters, and sometimes even Players, there is a lot of exciting content in Vor Rukoth, and well worth consideration for a DM’s hard earned gaming dollars.

As always, your comments are most welcome, and I would love to hear from other 4E gamers their experiences with this adventure setting!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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