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EN World Review – Way of the Wicked (Book Two: Call Forth Darkness) by Fire Mountain Games

way of the wicked 2 coverHappy Thanksgiving Eve, fellow gamers!  I hope that this Wednesday finds you well, and ready to give thanks, feast well, and enjoy a well-deserved holiday full family, friends, fun, and festivities!  I myself am could be a feast of turkey and all the trimmings for loved ones this year, and I am thoroughly looking forward to flexing my culinary might – despite having to get up way too early in the morning to prepare a noonday banquet!

They say that there is no rest for the wicked, although I’m not sure if they were referring to preparing Thanksgiving dinner!  But it does, however, bring us to the topic of today’s review.

Last spring I received a supplement from Fire Mountain Games, the first in a series of modules to create an adventure arc for players to portray evil villains bent on world domination.  As it turns out, I also received this second module in that series, Way of the Wicked (Book Two: Call Forth Darkness), which sadly got lost in the shuffle, but has been recovered – and now hastily but thoroughly, reviewed!  This adventure arc is designed for the Pathfinder RPG, and picks up where the last mod to left off, sending our villains into further mischief.

For complete details about this adventure arc series, please click the link below, and head over to EN World to read the full review:

Review of Way of the Wicked (Book Two: Call Forth Darkness) by Fire Mountain Games

As a mention before, I am not a huge fan of evil campaigns, but these first two Way of the Wicked modules have seriously made me think I need to give the “evil” a try again!  It’s got fantastic writing and a very cool story, and provides a unique opportunity for players to both explore a dungeon and then become a dungeon – now who could pass up an opportunity like that?

So until next blog… I wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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