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EN World Review: Zombies Ate My Baby by 3 Sages Games

Fall is here, with Halloween swiftly approaching, and a there is many a Dungeon Master turning to thoughts of undead mayhem running amok in his campaign world!
zombies ate cover
The “Zombie Apocalypse” trope is a tried-and-true plot line for any DM to pick up and run with, particularly at this time of year.  After all, nothing gets hearts pounding like the prospect of fleeing from a pack of brain-eating rotting corpses!  Although in recent years, it seems that the zombie apocalypse theme has become somewhat less serious, and the horde of flesh-eating undead is just as likely to be a punch-line as it is to be a serious scare-fest.  Movies like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead have no trouble mixing tons of laughs into this scary movie to the point where it stops even being scary, and it becomes just another oddly themed comedy.

The adventure, Zombies Ate My Baby, falls into the latter category.  This zomedy manages to juxtapose D&D 4E, a zombie apocalypse, and television series like Maybury RFD and Bonanza into one big weird package!  For more details on this adventure module, please check out my review over at EN World at the link below:

Review of Zombies Ate My Baby by 3 Sages Games

So how likely are you as a Dungeon Master to use the season to create or to run a zombie apocalypse or other undead scary themed horror adventure?  As a Player, do you enjoy scary adventures this time of year, or will things be adventures-as-usual in your campaign?

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback, as I am interested to hear what you think!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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