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News in Review for Aug 23 to Aug 29 2010

Feeling a mite under the weather today, so did not have time to prepare my usual commentary on this week’s D&D 4E News – there is nothing is quite so obnoxious as coming down with a head cold in hot summer weather. But to highlight this week’s activities, I would have to say that Magic Items and Monsters were definitely the topics to watch.

Kobold Quarterly’s King of the Monster Contest 2 announced its finalists, and there are some very interesting specimens of beasties and critters to check out on the official site. Voting for the Winner will begin tomorrow, August 30th.

And the sweeping changes to Magic Items, announced in the Countdown to Essentials column on the official Wizards of the Coast site sparked some interesting discussions around the web on blogsites and forums – including this one, of course. [Editor's Note: Personally, I could not be happier with the changes, and I am thrilled that the power over magic item rewards once again rests in the wise and capable hands of the Dungeon Master.]

There are some interesting reviews planned for this week and the weeks to come, so check back to find out more about GSL and Official Products! The Dark Sun Creature Catalog should be shipping out soon, and Neuroglyph Games will have a review as soon as possible once the Brown Box finally gets it here!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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