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News in Review for Feb 8 to Feb 14 2010

It was a great week for news, and although there was not a ton of D&D 4e articles, what did pop up was definitely worth reading!

Obviously, with Martial Power 2 almost here, there’s been a flurry of last minute excerpts, and a review over at as well. This seems like a “must have” book if you’re playing martial characters!

And there’s been a very cool PAX East Press Release this week about the keynote speaker at PAX East: gamer geek Wil Wheaton! I’ve been really looking forward to going – there’s only 40 days left! – and news like this is just one more reason to look forward to the trip to Boston!

And there was one other bit of Convention fun noted this week – this will be the 25th Anniversary of my old college gaming convention, BASHCON! It’s hard to believe that it’s been around for 25 years, and I’m looking forward to attending this coming weekend as sort of a warm-up to my trip to Boston! For those near northwest Ohio, consider making the trip out to Toledo this coming weekend – BASHCON has always been a great time, and I’m really excited to be going to see how it has come along since I was helping to put it on back in the 90s.

So check out all the great news of the past week – and if you have any news items you think I missed, let me know!

  • The newest Channel Divinity column in Dragon #384 looks at a Forgotten Realms deity in Favored of Meilikki.
  • Monday’s new excerpt from the upcoming Martial Power 2 takes a look at new Combat Styles, and their new feat structure.
  • Over at the Critical blogsite, there’s a pre-release review of the new Martial Powers 2!
  • Mike Shea over at the Sly Flourish has a spectacular video, DM Table Tips Episode 1, chock full of all kinds of great props and items you can use at the table to speed your 4e combats.
  • WotC’s Ari Marmell pens a column in Dragon #384 that examines how some Rangers have a special bond with the Feywild in To Walk on Unseen Paths.
  • EN World News reports that Goodman Games has released the awesome cover art of the new Amethyst Game System for 4e, a new setting where magic and technology collide! “Open your spellbook. Load your gun. Make a choice.”
  • There is a new Forgotten Realms Side Trek in Dungeon #175 for 5th Level Characters called Hidden Destinies. Available now to D&D Insider Subscribers.
  • WotC’s Bart Carroll shines the Spotlight Interview this Wednesday at a great place on the web for all kinds of D&D 4e community content, RPG Bloggers!
  • Kobold Quarterly’s offers a really good reason not to fool around with a succubus in Humpday Hazard: Barrenblight.
  • The blogsite Save vs Death has a set of nasty portals that will give Heroes a surprise in “Don’t Open That”: 10 Dangerous Doors for 4E (Part I).
  • Chris Perkins, WotC’s Creative Manager, runs a session of D&D for the writers of Robot Chicken in Thursday’s News column. Check out the video, Robot Chicken Plays D&D here!
  • The Martial Power 2 is almost here and the Art Galleries are now available for download!
  • Friday’s release of the Creature Incarnations column in Dungeon #175 looks at a new monster “construct” called Living Spells.
  • There’s a podcast, hosted by WotC’s Bart Carroll, that’s full of highlights from the recent D&D Experience Convention in Indiana. Take a listen to the D&D Experience Roundup!
  • In this new excerpt from the upcoming Martial Power 2, a new game mechanic is unveiled in Martial Power 2: Martial Practices. There special disciplines and techniques that are like Rituals for melee classes!

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