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News in Review for Jul 12 to Jul 18 2010

If I were to sum up this week’s news in just a few words, I’d have to say call it the “’Not a new edition’ controversy”.

D&D Essentials continues to be the hot button topic this week, with Bill Slavisek posting an Ampersand Archive blasting the internet rumor mill for not accepting WotC’s assurances that Essentials are “not a new edition”.  As proof, the new Essentials Wizard was previewed, with claims that Essentials powers would be available to “old style” Player’s Handbook Classes the same way that Essentials Characters can draw upon the old powers.

But based upon the hits and comment responses on my own editorial blog asking “Are D&D Essentials Truly Essential?”, the D&D 4E Community appears to be split over the issue, with feedback ranging from pro-Essentials to concern over what it will mean for the game.  And there was a sharp reminder from A Hero Twice a Month blogsite, discussing how we were all told that 3.5 was not a new edition, and that it was completely compatible with 3rd Edition.  It certainly begs the question of whether D&D Essentials is a case of WotC history repeating itself.

And to round out the discussion of the recent controversial changes to 4E, Greywulf’s Lair posted an excellent analysis, asking the question “Is Magic Missile a change too far?”, and even going as far as concluding that “in short, if you’re playing a Wizard and don’t take Magic Missile, you are an idiot.”  Any power described in those terms sounds like it might be needing some re-evaluation.

While I certainly look forward to seeing how D&D Essentials plays out, I truly hope that WotC knows what it’s about while making changes that has the 4E fan-base so torn.  D&D 4E is a great game, and it is clear we all want to see it get better, but as to whether D&D Essentials and some of the new errata coming out constitutes better is yet to be proven, and only time will tell all.

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