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News In Review for July 19 to July 25 2010

From the Editor of Neuroglyph Games:

I wanted to take an opportunity to apologize to the Readership for the lack of blogs and news updates this week.  Due to rather tragic circumstances, my normal three-blog-a-week schedule was not maintained, and I hope my Readers and Fans will forgive the professional lapse.

A week ago, my cat Maximus, who has been a faithful companion and “familiar” for over 16 years now, became extremely ill.  And over the course of last week, his illness and his age finally caught up to him, and he passed away on Friday morning.

Needless to say, it has been a rough week for me personally.  Nothing quite rends creativity as viciously as worry and grief does, not to mention that caring for a dying friend tends to be a very distracting from the normal routines of life.

I have added a hidden page to the site, In Memoriam Maximus, where I have placed a few images, as well as a blog I wrote the morning of Max’s death.  While not exactly 4E related material, I hope you will forgive my indulgence for honoring my Worthy Furry Companion here.  And if you are a fan of felines, I hope you will take the opportunity to visit the page, and read my blog – and your comments are, as always, most welcome.

I expect to get back to business as usual this week, as “usual” as can be expected following a bit of personal tragedy.  Expect to see a Review of WotC’s recent release, Demonomicon, this week – I finally got my copy and have been enjoying the read so far!  I hope to pick up Tomb of Horrors at GenCon, and will certainly be reviewing that as well.  Of course I’ll be covering GenCon with blogs and pics, and if you plan to attend this year, I hope you will take the time to stop me and say hello!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

  • WotC has released a new excerpt from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting this week, discussing the Races of Athas, due out in August 2010!
  • Check out the Dead God’s Tomb, an excerpt from the upcoming Tomb of Horrors adventure!
  • The Art Galleries from the recently released Demonomicon.
  • Richard Baker and Rodney Thompson write the sequel to last month’s Design & Development column, Returning to Athas, Part 2, discussing the new Character Themes system, a new game mechanic from the upcoming Dark Sun Campaign Setting.
  • EN World News announces the ENnies Awards Voting Booths are open! Take an opportunity to vote on your favorites for the upcoming ENnie Awards.
  • Emerald Press has put all their products on a Special $1 Sale in honor of their ENnie Award Nomination of Combat Advantage Magazine.
  • Bauxtehude at Dungeon’s offers another blog containing More Confessions of a D&D Camp Councilor.
  • The Tome Show #141 podcast, hosts guests Robert J. Schwalb, Mike Shea, and Tracy Hurley, discussing how to run with Evil PCs, including encounters and Evil DM Tip.
  • At introduces a new “world-breaker” solo encounter in Worldbreaker: Mainm the Minotaur, First Visit.
  • Mike Shea at Sly offers a slew of inventive Status Effect Alternatives, to occasionally use in place of stuns, dazes, and immobilizes to keep encounters challenging without slowing them down.
  • At Steve’s Gamer, he discusses one of the creatures designed for the recently released sourcebook in Steve’s Demonomicon Desgins: The Guardian Demon.
  • In this month’s Dungeon Magazine, there is a new adventure set in the Forgotten Realms for 16th Level Characters, entitled The Spiral Gate.
  • Miranda Horner pens a feature article for this month’s Dragon Magazine, offering special magic items with backstories as well as adventure hooks in Treasure Options: Estate of Deveron.
  • EN World News has a list of Interviews by RPG Examiner’s Michael Tresca with some of the nominees for the upcoming ENnie Awards.
  • Mike Shea posts on the site this week with A DM’s Look at D&D Essentials.
  • Ameron at Dungeon’s tallies up the new LFR Magic Item Treasure Bundle List (July 2010).
  • Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford host the July Episode of the D&D Podcast, with the featured topic being the new upcoming D&D Essentials product line. Guests include Shirley Mazzanoble, Bill Slaviscek, and James Wyatt.
  • Dragon #389 has a new Class Acts:Druid column, subtitled “Expanding Horizons”, which discusses a secretive druid circle called the Coven of the Garden – offering new druid background options and powers for members of this mysterious and esoteric organization.
  • Greywulf’s Lair pulls some inspiration from Call of Cthulhu for how to teach D&D Heroes the rules of Good Monster Hunting.
  • The team has added Logan Bonner to its ranks, and you can find out more about his recruitment in the blog, Greetings from the New Initiate.
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s has another installment of his series on Adventuring With A Sub-Optimal Party (Part 3).
  • Kobold Quarterly announces their Second King of the Monsters Contest. Find out all about the entry rules and send in your new monster entry by August 13th!
  • A new Eye on Dark Sun is out in Dungeon Magazine, with lore describing The Dragon’s Altar, complete with adventure hooks, monsters, and magic items found on the site.
  • WotC announces the D&D Championship to be held at this year’s GenCon, and as preparation for the event, has released the pre-generated Epic Level Characters which will be used in the adventure called A Hole in the World! Character Builder and a DDI Subscription are required to view these files.
  • The new Spotlight Interview focuses this week on Acererak the demilich and the Tomb of Horrors adventure designers: Ari Marmell and Scott Fitzgerald Grey.
  • Kobold Quarterly is offering an opportunity for 4E Gamers to become patrons and sponsors for their new D&D Open Design Project, The Lost City, to be produced and managed by Logan Bonner.
  • Necromancers of the Northwest has released a collection of Fortress Fixtures designed to be used in storming a castle or repelling the seige, depending on which side of the battlements you are on!
  • Chris Sims at discusses how to use Minions Are Spice to make any encounter more tasty.
  • Kobold Quarterly continues its “My First GenCon Series” with a revealing story from Colin McComb, where he admits: I Was a Gen Con Spy For TSR!
  • In So… Vor Rukoth, Greg Bilsland posts to his In the Eye of the Beholder blog some insights into the design process for the adventure site.
  • Ed Greenwood posts the third part of a Realmslore series, pulled from his new upcoming novel regarding the famed Sage of Shadowdale. Check out Elminster Must Die! #15-21!
  • Character Themes is the newest excerpt from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting this week. Find out how these Themes will be used to develop a Characters in the world of Athas, due out next month!
  • Bill Slavicsek updates the Ampersand Archive with a preview of the Fighter Preview from the D&D Essentials line: Learn about the Knight, a new version of the Defender Fighter.
  • In Dragon #389, the new Class Acts: Rogues column introduces us to The Fraternal Order of the Inner Vault, an “honest” band of rogues who act as guides, locksmiths, and trapmakers.
  • EN World announces a special thread for the new D&D Comic book, which will be moderated by comic writer John Rogers, to answer all questions and comments about the upcoming comic line.
  • Kobold Quarterly announces that Kobold Courier #6 Ships, a free digest of Kobold Quarterly articles, and available by email subscription at the official KQ site.
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  1. Swordgleam says:

    Sorry to hear about Maximus. Losing a pet sucks.

  2. greywulf says:

    Heartfelt commiserations. To lose a pet is to lose one of the family.

    Take all the time you need, ‘kay.

  3. Nosfecatu says:

    Condolences, man. This cat mourns your loss.
    .-= Nosfecatu´s last blog ..Updates! =-.

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