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News in Review for June 7 to June 13 2010

It seems that every week there’s some new theme or trend in the D&D 4E News and Reviews going on.  Whereas last week was definitely a Dark Sun trend in the 4E News, this week would definitely point to a Monster Manual 3 trend!

Monster Manual 3 developer Greg Bilsland had plenty to tell 4E gamers this week about the upcoming release from WotC later this month, with an interview with Mike Shea, and some design notes on his own blogspot, The Eye of the Beholder.  And there were even more excerpts from MM3, including oldies but baddies like rot grubs, skulks, and even Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders!

However, Dark Sun mania has not died down much, just a bit overshadowed by the rising MM3 Release furor, and there were a still a few choice items out there, such as more podcasts from the Penny Arcade/PvP Dark Sun D&D game, a blog of some ruminations from a Dark Sun playtester, and a Design & Development article from WotC detailing the theory behind the re-release of Athas as a campaign setting.

And I was pleased to see that CNN had some nice things to say about D&D Encounters in their Geek Out column on their website.  The article was long, detailed and downright “good press” about how Encounters is winning back D&D Players of all types, and making it fun to hang out at the old gaming store again.

All these articles and more can be found in the links below…

Now on an editorial note, I was made aware of some issues with broken links on the Neuroglyph Games site since the move to a new host, and am working to fix those as soon as possible.  Apparently, it has to do with certain Unicode characters in the URL’s and so a bunch of blogs dating as far back as October 2009 will have to be republished.  It seems that moving to a new host can create as many problems as it solves!

I’m pleased to report that the sales of the recent release of Volume I of the Doombringer Saga Campaign arc are going strong, and you can get a copy of the Perilous Secrets of Wilford Manor at RPGNow and Paizo.  We were made aware of some typos in the first release, but have proof-read and corrected those, and re-released the pdf.  By the way, there was a review of The Perilous Secrets of Wilford Manor at the site, and Linnaeus had some great things to say about the adventure, as well as some critiques which will definitely be considered for future releases of the Doombringer Saga to make the product line better and more fun to play!

And one final editor’s note – if you are having difficulty posting a comment to any blog on the site, due to “captcha”, we would appreciate it if you could send an email describing the issue to – we had one report of the issue so far, and want to make sure it is not an isolated occurance.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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