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News in Review for Mar 22 to Mar 28 2010

Here I am on Tuesday still trying to play catch-up from last weekend’s PAX East in Boston! Just realized that I never got around to publishing my weekly recap of the week’s D&D 4E News, and so I figured I better get around to getting it done. Better late than never, right?

If you’ve been following my blogs from, and about, PAX East, I think it’s clear that I had a pretty good time, and I am definitely planning to go back next year. Boston is a great town to have a convention in, and while a 12+ hour drive isn’t something I’d want to do all the time, it’s not that bad that it would keep me from attending.

Next Sunday, when I am not driving through Massachusetts, upstate New York and Ontario, I should have no problem getting my News in Review blog out on time!

  • Creature Incarnations this month in Dragon #385 takes a look at Fomorians, and offers new versions of this Feydark monster for your campaign.
  • Spellscars: In the Spellplague’s Aftermath discusses the topic of how these magical wounds manifest differently, and offer a selection of new Feats for your Forgotten Realms’ Character to wield the scar’s magic.
  • In a new excerpt from the upcoming The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea, the divine dominion most feared by mortals is explored in Plane Above Excerpts: Welcome to Hell!
  • The Keep on Chaos Scar is a new home base for your Chaos Scar adventurers, created by Mike Mearls for this month’s Dungeon Magazine. It is now available to DDI subscribers.
  • WotC has a new contest for Gaming Stores, promoting their D&D Encounters series. Check out the Pimp Your Store Contest.
  • Gaming Brouhaha has an interview with WotC Mike Mearls on the Ninja vs. Pirates Podcast.
  • NewbieDM has released Episode 3 of the D&D Minicast, and has Mike Shea from Sly along for the Q&A.
  • In the newest Winning Races article, Alchemical Warforged looks at ways that this race can augment themselves with alchemical formulae. Now available in this month’s Dragon Magazine for DDI subscribers.
  • Class Acts, in Dragon #385, examines on Fighter Shield Options with new powers, feats, and magic items celebrating a warrior’s battle-board.
  • This week’s Spotlight Interview highlights Nian Hess’s Monster Workshop, and speaks with the editor of WotC’s young readers series.
  • Kobold Quarterly releases a new Hump Day Hazard: Disjunction Decay, a nasty anti-magic zone to befuddle magical gizmos.
  • In the recent Channel Divinity, Moradin’s Faithful with new powers for clerics and avengers, paragon class, feats, and magic items, now in Dragon #385.
  • At, there is a fascinating editorial by former WotC editor and designer Chris Sims, called Emergence & Reentry, discussing 4E content and his announcement that he has joined the Critical-Hits team.
  • In Friday’s excerpt from the upcoming The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea, the first encounter of a 3-encounter adventure is revealed in Plane Above Excerpts: Hell’s Bonds!
  • In Class Acts, a new breed of arcane spellcaster is introduced with an unconventional mix of martial training and wizardry in Swordmage: The Spellbinders, and is now available in Dragon #385.
  • In Winning Races this month, Half-Elves get more mew feats and a Paragon Class, celebrating their diversity and capabilities. Now available in this month’s Dragon Magazine for DDI subscribers.
  • WotC Bart Carroll has some more March News and Reviews to share in the column Random Thoughts and Magic Items.

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