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News in Review for Nov 23 to Nov 29 2009

  • In this new article for the Forgotten Realms, you’re invited to Explore Airspur: Villains & Vagabonds. Meet some of the shady characters lurking in Akunel in Dragon #381.
  • If you remeber White Plume Mountain, you’ll love this Excerpt from the Plane Below: Secrets of Elemental Chaos Supplement, featuring Wave, the Watery Trident!
  • Kobold Quarterly, is holding a King of the Monsters Competition! Enter your best original new Monster by December 1st to win any one of the Zobeck Gazetteers and have your creation published in the next Kobold Quarterly.
  • Baz King on reviews the Wizard of the Coasts release of Scales of War 6, the “The Temple Between“.
  • Goodman Games has announced the pending release of Azagar’s Book of Rituals! This book will contain over 300 New Rituals for D&D 4e and is available for pre-order now. You can also check out the 10-page PDF Preview available for download free!
  • At Life and Times of a Phillipine Gamer, check out the new released called Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan, a new world based upon Phillipine Mythology.
  • At the Dungeon’s blogsite, they’ve started a Design a Holiday Dungeon Contest. Check out the submission rules and prizes if you have ideas how to make an adventure with a holiday theme.
  • At the Game Cryer blogsite, the Dungeon Masters’ Guide 2 comes under scrutiny. Check out the review and see for yourself.
  • Over at the Sly Flourish blogsite, a rules variant uses Magic Gems for Item Reward Flexibility is a brilliant way to add items but allow Players to pick an appropriate item for their Characters. Great article!
  • In this new adventure by Rob Heinsoo, the Heroes must brave the Chaos Scar and face Death in the Pinchers. This short 1st Level adventure is available in Dungeon #172.
  • Here’s a News Wrapup for the Countdown to Turkey Day. Contains gift suggestions, campaigning news, and a Dungeon preview for December.
  • New in Class Acts for this month’s Dragon Magazine: Sorcerer’s Essentials: Arcana’s Wild Card contains build ideas, new spells, and magic items!
  • Author Mike Resnick offers a new short story for D&D Insiders called The Foundling, a “fascinating story of a mother’s love, a queen’s hatred, and a child’s danger-filled path between them”.
  • D&D Design Manager James Wyatt divulges his insights regarding Quests in Dungeoncraft 21, now available in Dungeon Magazine this month.
  • The Map Galleries and Art Galleries are now available for Dungeon #172.

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