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News in Review for Nov 15 to Nov 21 2010

Although there were some great content articles put out this week by WotC and in various independent blogsites, the big news of this week had to be the flak over the new and improved DDI Character Builder.  Voices rose around the web as the 4E community grew frustrated over the release of a bug-laden product, but WotC has assured us that it is doing everything it can to fix the issue.

Interestingly, this was also the week that WotC’s Trevor Kidd dropped the bombshell about the impending beta of the new DDI application: The Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table.  This new app will offer DMs various online tools to make encounter maps, movable tokens, dice rolling, condition tracking, and a variety of other features which would make it possible to run a D&D game.  Check out the links below for more information, as well as a chance to sign up for the beta test of this new application.

Looking ahead, I have gotten in copies of the Essentials DM Kit, Essentials Monster Vault, and Issue #1 of the new IDW Dungeons & Dragons Comic, which I will be reviewing in coming days.  Of course, this week we have the Thanksgiving Day holiday to look forward to, as well as that most wonderful shopping day, Black Friday!  So be sure and check back for more news and reviews in the coming days, as we head into the holiday season at Neuroglyph Games!

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