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News in Review for Nov 8 to Nov 14 2010

Anticipation is the big theme of this past week’s D&D news, with everyone waiting for new products like the Monster Vault and Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms to hit store shelves, but most importantly, the anticipation of what form the new DDI Character Builder is likely to take.

Although there was a great Youtube video demonstration of the new Character Builder interface by Chris Youngs released this week, there are still so many things the 4E Community does not know about the new version being released.  The biggest question being most likely, “Will it work in a way I will like and how will it affect my ability to play D&D 4E?”

Change is not always a good thing, and all that we, as a gaming community, can do is hope for the best, and trust that WotC is making a change to the application that will be an improvement over the old program, or at minimum, offering an product and service that is no worse than the old application at the very least.  Many fans have already commented about this new version was a colossal “bait & switch”, making paying subscribers wait for Dark Sun and Essentials content for over three months while WotC developed a new application with a drastically profound effect on how it will be used (requiring online access).   Those of us who have paid their fees faithfully this quarter can only hope that our trust is not betrayed, and our angst over all this anticipation is unfounded.

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