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News In Review for Oct 11 to Oct 17 2010

It would seem that mutant mania has taken hold of the 4E news items this week in the wake of the release of the D&D Gamma World Role-Playing Game.  The new Gamma World RPG is definitely the “hot new” product to watch, appearing in two WotC news articles, as well as the D&D Podcast.  And Wizards’ designer Greg Bilsland had some GW campaign tips out this week in his In the Eye of the Beholder game blog.  Penny Arcade even weighed in on Gamma World with a webcomic, More Things Are Dreamt Of, as well as some interesting commentary on their official site.  I am not sure how the rest of the D&D Community feels about Gamma World, but I definitely want to pick up a copy of this for my gaming groups!

Of course D&D Essentials is still making appearances in all sorts of news, blogs, and podcasts.  Phil the Chatty DM over at Critical Hits had a commentary and review of the new D&D Essentials DM Kit.  And The Tome Show posted the first part of a D&D Essentials podcast discussion, featuring commentary from bloggers Tracy Hurley from Sarah Darkmagic, Jared Glenn from the Power Source, and Samuel Dillon from RPG Musings.  WotC hosted a couple excerpts this week from the DM Kit, including a discussion on the D&D Core World and on Magic Item Rarity.  The latter excerpt prompted my own commentary this week, particularly regarding the use of “wish lists” – check out the link below to the blog and feedback comments.

And if you have not logged into DDI’s Character Builder this week, you will find that the Psionic Powers sourcebook, as well as updates from recent Dragon and Dungeon Magazines have finally made it into the program.  Still no word yet on when Dark Sun and Essentials Character content will be added, although WotC’s Community Support Coordinator, Trevor Kidd, discussed the matter:

Hey all. We are currently in the process of developing a new web-based tools system for D&D Insider which has factored into recent content update delays. We will continue to provide D&D Insider members with additional information as our progress develops. In the meantime, we are back on schedule to provide members with our regular content updates.

I know from my own gaming groups that some gamers are expressing dissatisfaction over the lack of regular DDI updates, and I certainly would expect they are not alone in their frustration over the slow release of the new content into Character Builder and the Compendium.  Hopefully, WotC will pick up the pace and keep their DDI subscribers happy!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

Blogs at Neuroglyph Games This Week:

Review of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

EN World Review: Zombies Ate My Baby by 3 Sages Games

Can we get The Libram of Unambiguous Design… please?!

D&D 4E News This Week:

  • WotC reminds us that its DM Hotline is always open to assist in running your game.
  • WotC has revealed a new DM Kit Excerpts this week, with a look at the new D&D World setting.
  • In the new Winning Races: Elves column, Matt Sernett discusses a new place to study the arcane arts in Tanathriel, School of Elven Wizardry, with new items and background options for alumni of this prestigious academy!
  • EN World News has some comments by WotC’s Trevor Kidd regarding the recent delay of D&D Insider updates and what the community can look forward to on October 12th! Check out the Trevor Kidd comments here.
  • The Tome Show has released Episode 151, interviews Don Bassingthwaite about his Eberron trilogy, the Legacy of Dhakaan.
  •’s Gamefiend introduces Horizon: The Darkness Within, a new affliction that can be used to lure Characters toward a dark and evil path!
  • Mike Shea at Sly comments on his take of the pros and cons of dungeon delves in his new blog, Making Awesome Dungeons.
  • The new D&D Podcast is out for October, with discussions about Dungeon Masters Kit, Gamma World and the “email bag”.
  • The Radiant Morn is the new Chaos Scar Adventure in Dungeon #183 designed for Characters of Level 6 to Level 8.
  • Paul at Blog of discusses rules using ammo rules from Gamma World applied to D&D 4E.
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s has a group of 16 Feats Worth Selecting.
  • Kobold Quarterly coninues the series on traps with Trap Themes (Part 3 of 5): Psionic Wards.
  • There is a new Channel Divinity: Kord column, featuring new background information and skill powers for Champions of Might and Courage.
  • Artist Jared von Hindmann posts a new D&D Outsider article, discussing his take on the nature of Devas.
  • WotC’s Bart Carroll has more items for the October News column, including announcement of a new Class Compendium, Penny Arcade’s Take on Gamma World, and a sneak peek at R.A. Salvatore’s upcoming book Gauntlgrym.
  • Ameron at Dungeon’s has a new tricky door that is sort of a trap and sort of a puzzle: Skill Challenge: The Revolving Door.
  • Bartoneus at Critical suggests a new idea in dungeon desinging, using themes from an office building in The Architect DM: The Inverse Office Dungeon.
  • Check out The Tome Show’s Episode 152, Part 1 of a discussion about the new D&D Essentials line.
  • Greg Bilsland posted a new blog on his In the Eye of the Beholder website, telling about his own experiences when he began Embracing the Chaos of Gamma World.
  • Rodney Thompson writes a new Eye on Dark Sun feature and discusses one primordial lifeform which still inhabits Athas: Magma Elementals.
  • The Map Galleries and Art Galleries from the newly released 4E Gamma World are now available for download!
  • Phil the Chatty DM at Critical has discusses the recent D&D Essentials release in The D&D Essentials DM Kit: An Editorial Review.
  •’s Ryven continues the series on new uses for skills in Serious Skills: Endurance.
  • There is a new DM Kit Excerpts this Friday, with a look at the rarity system for Magic Items.
  • In the new Dragon Magazine Feature, Robert J. Schwalb creates a new shared history setting for Characters called Everwatch, Living Beyond the Green Line.
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s discusses The History of Dungeons & Dragons Computer Games, with a timeline of game releases!
  • Shawn Merwin at Critical has some thoughts about how Designing is Redesigning, and how to apply it to making adventures better!
  •’s Gamefiend has another quirky magic item, both a boon and a curse: The Tragic Imprint: Gaze.

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