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News in Review for Sept 6 to Sept 12 2010

In the week following PAX Prime, there were some really good reports and blogs out there, in case you missed all the action out west.  WotC’s Bart Carroll had some PAX tidbits in his September News update this week, and Chris Sims at offered up The The PAX Report about his doings at the expo.

The “Red Box” also made headlines this week, with many pictorial “unboxings” and reviews.  Speaking of which, I got my own “Red Box” this weekend, and will be doing a playtest tomorrow night with some D&D 4E newbies, and look forward to reporting the results in my Review later this week!

And speaking of “unboxing”, the Gamma World unboxed pics over at GM were really something!  Looks like a lot of great components in there, and I’m can’t wait to get my hands on the new 4E version of Gamma World in October!

And on the Neuroglyph Games home-front, I’m pleased to report that I have taken a Staff Reviewer post at EN World!  I’m really excited that Russ offered me the position, and look forward to reviewing all kinds of official 4E and GSL products.  So check out my “EN World Exclusive” product reviews each Wednesday over there at EN World!  And yes, I’ll still be doing reviews and other commentaries here on the Neuroglyph Games site as well.

By the way, if you are a GSL or OGL publisher, and would be interested in having your product reviewed, please drop me an email at

Also this week, Neuroglyph Games hosted the first issue of the new 4E-inspired webcomic, Passive Perceptions!  The artist, Robert Kusiak, did a lot of the logo and graphic design work for the Neuroglyph Games website, and also took all the great pictures at both PAX East and GenCon 2010 that I used in my reports from the conventions.  Robert AKA Tizzbin has been kicking around the idea of doing a D&D webcomic for a while now, and I’m pleased to offer Passive Perceptions a good home here.  So expect to start seeing Passive Perceptions about twice a month here at Neuroglyph Games!

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

Neuroglyph’s Blogs of the Week

Review of Dark Sun Creature Catalog by WotC: Here’s a review of the monster manual for the Dark Sun Campaign Setting!

Review of DDS2: Caves, Sea, and the Great Outdoors by Taurus XII: Find out more about this supplement of adventure hooks and random events, usable with nearly any fantasy role-playing game.

Passive Perceptions #1: Libations Lament: Check out the debut of this new D&D 4E-Inspired webcomic!

D&D 4E News and Reviews from August 30th 2010 to September 5th 2010
  • In Dungeon #182, there is a new Chaos Scar adventure, Vanguard Tower, designed for 4th Level Characters, and now available to DDI Subscribers!
  • In the new Preview Archive, Peter Lee has more miniatures to show in Lords of Madness Preview 4: A Walk through Monster Manual 2!
  • In the new D&D Podcast, check out the panel discussion from GenCon 2010 with famed author R.A. Salvatore!
  • WotC’s Bart Carroll pens a new September and Beyond, featuring the D&D Lords of Madness Collector’s Edition: Beholders, D&D “Red Box”, Player Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Dungeon Masters Kit – and a special preview of the upcoming Gamma World!
  • Kobold Quarterly has the WINNER of the King of the Monsters Contest 2. Check out which of the beasties ended up on top in King of the Monsters 2, Winner Crowned!!
  •’s, Gamefiend offers more ideas on different uses for Skills in Serious Skills: Acrobatics!
  • Mike Shea at Sly looks at alternative ways of tallying XPs in his editorial Effort-based Experience Rewards.
  • EN World News announces a new product from Myth Merchant Press, Tankard Tales:Comeback Inn! Now on sale from the EN World shop.
  • Northwinter Press has a new contest to win a variety of prizes from the Pnumadesi Product line: check out the Call to Arms! Contest.
  • Matt Miller at has an interview with WotC Lead Designer Rich Baker, discussing The Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons!
  • Necromancers of the Northwest introduce more elemental creatures in Mephit Mania!
  • In the newest Eye on Dark Sun column, Rodney Thompson looks into the lore of The Broken Builders, and their plans to demolish Athas in preparation for the Primordials to rebuild it.
  • WotC’s Stephen Schubert post the new Design & Development column in Dragon #391, and looks into how to evaluate Skill DCs for a variety of situations.
  • Bart Carroll has more from PAX Prime in the recent September News update – check out the pics of the D&D Bus, as well as a video of Chris Perkins running a D&D game for Acquisitions Inc as they tried to save Aeofel!
  • Author Nathan Meyer discusses his children’s novel, Aldwyn’s Academy, and reminisces about his past gaming experiences, and how he makes D&D: A Family Affair.
  • EN World News has announced that it is looking for two freelance columnists to join their team: Check out the details at the EN World News Page under the heading Wanted: Freelance Columnists.
  • DM Samuel over at has posted a Component Overview of Essentials “Red Box”, with pictures of every component in the new release from WotC.
  • Vanir at has conceived three terrifying Tales of Horror: D&D for TWEENS. Warning: Not suitable for ANYONE over the age of 18.
  • Wimwick at Dungeon’s offers a new post in his Adventure Builder Workshop: Location.
  • Paul at Blog of reports that Thirdhand science says: Randomize your treasure!.
  • Dave “The Game” Chalker posted a guest blog on At, and proposed a new way to keep Skill Checks from becoming a mass roll-fest around the table in Shared Data.
  • In the new Winning Races: Dwarves there are new Feats for the Favored of the All-Father. Compatible with D&D Essentials.
  • Chris Sims at talks all about the happenings last week at the Expo in The PAX Report.
  • WotC has announced the Changes Coming in Essentials! You can download the new rules changes and revisions to old powers to see how it will bring them into line with the new design philosophy.
  • Backdrop Q’barra, Part 1 is the new Eberron Feature article by Keith Baker, discussing Blood and Dragonshards. Available in Dragon #391.
  • There is a new Feature article by Robert J. Schwalb taking a look at Shadar-kai in the Forgotten Realms, and offering more feats for Characters with A Legacy in Shadow. Now available in Dragon #391.
  • EN World News linked a very handy post from their forums with an Index of Insightful Posts/Threads useful to D&D 4E Players and Dungeon Masters.
  • Jim Lanter at has an in-depth Review of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: The Essential Dungeons & Dragons Starter – ie. “The Red Box”!
  • Ameron at Dungeon’s has some interesting Character Creation Tips – D&D The Next Generation.
  • Mike Shea at Sly has posted the DM Twitter Tip Archive: August 2010.
  • Shawn Merwin at ponders the question: Is Your Home Campaign Organized?, and offers some suggestions for borrowing “organized play” concepts for home campaigns.
  • GM Oracle has posted an “unboxing” and shows us some Gamma World Pics.

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