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Passive Perceptions #1: Libations Lament


And so the question arises: How do you function in an adventuring party once you find out that someone’s character flaw is that they look at other party members’ like piñata full of awesome magic items?

It can be challenging to say the least, but sometimes it can be an effective method towards giving a player exactly what they want!  Take for example, the case of poor Zane the Wolfmaster Extraordinaire, so generally unappealing and ineffective in his previous “living” state.  The player behind the character realized that this was his first time creating a 4E character, and if he had it to do over again, he would have done everything differently… and it was another party member who gave him that chance!  It provided an opportunity for our Ranger to play the ruthless cutthroat he envisioned for his character without any hurt feelings – and scored him a few solid magic items in the process!

Granted, when my character goes bloody, I now get paranoid about errant barrages of arrows… but I digress…

Regardless, with the first comic, you’re thrust into the mix of a party of colorful characters loosely based on several of my current D&D campaigns.  When Neuroglyph asked me if I would be interested in doing a comic – during our drive to the radiant city of Indianapolis for GenCon – I said I would consider it. But apparently I grew some form of “information tourettes” as the words, “and I’m going to be working on a comic for Neuroglyph Games” seemed to keep falling out of my mouth.

So here we are! The first installment of Passive Perceptions with a miniature Tizzbin’s Tirades thrown in for good measure – vivat!

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Tizzbin Fizzlewitz
When not blasting foes with Chaos Bolts and snarky repartee, Tizzbin enjoys roleplaying his favorite Character: a Human Graphic Designer/Computer Technician Hybrid named "Robert". Tizzbin often sends "Robert" questing through crowded coffee houses, armed only with a drawing pad of verve and +5 supremely viscous pencils, and frequently dominating baristas for free mugs of brew.


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  1. Hopeless says:

    Amusing makes me wonder where it’ll go next!

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