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Passive Perceptions #2: “Eyepatch of Hasty Resolutions

PP2I cannot say that I know exactly what inspired this new Passive Perceptions, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was the pack of leucrotta I sicced on Tizzbin and the rest of his fellow adventurers.

The adventurers were traveling through a dark and misty vale, where visibility was limited even for the heroes with low-light and darkvision.  Of course they had a campfire lit, which did little to improve their ability to see.  But as many folks who have been to summer camp on a foggy night know, a campfire makes a fogbank glow like beacon.  Something like that is hard for smart predators to ignore.

So late in the night, a pack of the hulking badger-faced beasties descended on the heroes’ camp looking for a midnight snack.  After a pitched battle, the adventurers were left with over a half-dozen pony-sized, very smelly carcasses littering their camp, which pretty much forced them to move on in the middle of the night to a less gore-covered campsite.

The next night, the heroes hid while they watched a band of trolls wander by carrying giant backpacks of leucrotta back to their lair.  It’s frightening to imagine the size of the mess that would have been left if the adventurers had decided to mix it up with the trolls…

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