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Release of New Product Line: Kill or Be Killed!

I’m very proud this week to announce that Neuroglyph Games has released its new product line: Kill or Be Killed!  This product line is devoted to bringing your Player-Characters action-packed battles against new and unique “boss” monsters.  These encounters can be used as a stand-alone combat, with almost no preparation, or can be used to create an adventure of your own design!
Kill Kor Cover

In Kill or Be Killed #1, your characters must face a terrible abomination, Kor-oggo-rok the Sporelord, that aspires to one day become a Prince of Demons!  Battling the Sporelord in its own lair is no small task, and your Heroes will have to use every trick they know just to stay alive.  In this battle, there is No Quarter, asked or given, and the only outcome is Kill or Be Killed!

Issue #1 of Kill or Be Killed contains:

  • A single dynamic “boss-style” Encounter for five 12th Level Characters.
  • 2 New and Unique Monsters.
  • 3 New Underground Hazards that can also be used in your Campaign.
  • A Full color Encounter Map and Monster “Chits”.
  • 3 Unique & Powerful Magic Items (Relics) that can be “dropped” from the boss.
  • Adventure Hooks, Background Story, and more to allow this Encounter to be used in your campaign as either a single gaming experience, or part of a greater adventure of your own creation!

In many respects, this encounter represents all that I really find fun about D&D 4e. The ability to bring a new and unique boss monster to life, with a dynamic encounter setting, and exciting fight “choreography”. This is a no-holds-barred battle royale, using the best mechanics of the D&D 4e game to their fullest in order to create a tru;y memorable gaming experience.

So check out the First Issue of Kill or Be Killed and see if your Heroes have what it takes to battle against Kor-oggo-rok the Sporelord!

As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and feedback, which I hope to use to further hone my Dungeon Mastering skills!

Kill or Be Killed #1 is available for sale now from RPGNow and Paizo.

So until next blog… I wish you Happy Gaming!

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  2. anarkeith says:

    Just picked up the Sporelord. Looks great after a first read-through. None of my games have hit paragon tier yet, but it might be fun to run as a test for one of my groups. I’m messing around with making my own encounters and delves, so I was curious to see what other folks have done. Nice work, and good luck with the sales!
    .-= anarkeith´s last blog ..Campaign Notes: Anatomy of an Encounter, pt.1 =-.

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