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EN World Review – Midgard Bestiary 13th Age Compatible by Kobold Press

Editor-in-Chief | April 3, 2014

Good Evening Fellow Gamers & Gentle Readers!
It’s been a bit hectic for me this past week since my last posting, as I’ve been hired in a new job and I’m deep into some intensive training these days.  I’m really excited about my new job, however, as I will eventually be on the night shift and [...]

EN World Pre-Release Review of 13th Age (Part 1) by Pelgane Press

Editor-in-Chief | August 29, 2012

Happy Hump-Day fellow gamers!  I hope that your week is going well and you have some great plans this weekend for gaming!  On my gaming front, I have both my D&D 4E games going – the Friday night game here in Michigan and my Saturday night one in Ohio.  I am particularly looking forward to [...]

EN World Review – Kobold Quarterly #22 by Open Design

Editor-in-Chief | July 19, 2012

Tonight has been one of those nights that truly tests the mettle of a writer.  Buffeted by distraction after distraction, not to mention a raging case of summer allergies (Thanks you Air Quality Alert), it sometimes felt like I would never get through my EN World Review.  Stubborn perseverance and several Red Bulls later, and [...]