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EN World Review – City Slices: Marketplace Fun

Editor-in-Chief | February 2, 2011

Well I know it has been a while, but as it is Wednesday, I have another EN World Review posted of a D&D 4E product.  This Wednesday, I had the opportunity to review a supplement by Escape Velocity Gaming called City Slices: Marketplace Fun.  This product was somewhat hard to pigeon-hole, being neither an adventure [...]

Review of Tankard Tales: Willowbark by Myth Merchant Press

Editor-in-Chief | December 6, 2010

Adventure settings are gaining some notoriety these days.  Rather than presenting material as a full-blown module, adventure settings offer a Dungeon Master a site for their heroes to explore, and offer ideas and hooks for DMs to invent their own quests and delves.
[Editor’s Note: I recently reviewed a couple adventure settings last month – check [...]

EN World Review – Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom

Editor-in-Chief | November 17, 2010

This Wednesday has certainly been quite a troublesome one, but I finally got my Review posted over at the EN World News site.  Having the power knocked out for several hours, not only one’s apartment but to the whole block as well, has made for one interesting day!  I suppose I should be thankful that [...]