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EN World Review – Combat in Motion (Enhanced 4E) by Christopher F. Ash

Editor-in-Chief | November 28, 2012

Greetings Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!  I trust that everyone has survived the holiday, followed by the madness that is vicious hordes of Black Friday, the quaint charms of Small Business Saturday, and electronic temptations of Cyber Monday!  For my own part, only the latter caught me in its web, if only for the convenience [...]

Making the Mark

Editor-in-Chief | October 18, 2010

“Get away from her, you bi*ch!” ~ Ripley (Aliens, 1986)
Not too long ago, I was engaged in a “debate” on a blog site regarding the various merits of 4E versus those of 3.5.  Unlike my opponents, I tried not to disparage the other edition, as I had experienced many happy hours of play during my [...]

Friday’s 4e Freebie: Virtual Combat Cards by Ex Nebula

Editor-in-Chief | February 12, 2010

“Shall we play a game?” ~ Joshua (Wargames, 1983)
I think I’ve mentioned this before in a previous blog, but I’ll say it again:
I freakin’ love using my laptop to play D&D 4e!
For years, I hand-wrote my adventures, and dragged piles of paper with me to each game session, along with my myriad D&D books. [...]

D&D 4e Skill Challenge: Assassination!

Editor-in-Chief | October 29, 2009

“… can turn a Murder into Art.”
Spying the watchman standing by the gate, she dropped into a crouch, masking herself among the shadows of the overhanging trees.  She crept slowly toward the quarry, unsheathing her blade, and hiding it inside the edge of her dark cloak to make sure that its razor-sharp edge could not [...]

Static vs. Dynamic Encounters: A Design Problem in 4e?

Editor-in-Chief | October 21, 2009

“Set Phasers to… Torture…”
One of the best things about a buddy of mine, who has played in many of my D&D games since we were in college together, is that he’s a rabid Rules Lawyer.
Now I’m not suggesting that my friend is frothing at the mouth and biting people in a frenzy of Rules Lawyer [...]