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Fight Vs. Flight in D&D 4e

Editor-in-Chief | October 20, 2009

Coming In on a Wing and a…
I saw an issue brought up twice in the same week, once by one of my 4e players, and once on a board I was reading on a 4e fan site:
Why are there so few ways for a Character to fly in 4e?
And given the lack of flying, how [...]

Critical Hits for D&D 4e

Editor-in-Chief | October 8, 2009

Not really exciting…
Recently, one of the Players in my D&D 4e campaign wanted to discuss his impressions of the experience of the new combat system. Prior to his moving to D&D 4e, this Player that had been gaming in several long-running 3.5 Edition campaigns. And while overall, he was enjoying the D&D 4e experience, there [...]