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EN World Review – Savage Worlds: Super Powers Companion

Editor-in-Chief | April 10, 2014

Welcome back, Fellow Gamers!
I trust everyone had a great time last weekend on International Tabletop Day!  I was really excited at the turn out and participation this year, and I think it is awesome how this event has really caught on around the world.
Of course, I would imagine a great many gamers out there are [...]

Review of Dark Sun Comic Issue #1 by IDW

Tizzbin Fizzlewitz | January 5, 2011

Editor’s Note: Today, as with the Issue #1 of the Dungeons & Dragons Comic Book, we are offering TWO reviews for the price of one! Tizzbin will once again serve as guest-blogger for this Review of the Dark Sun Comic Issue #1, and you can click over and check out for the EN World [...]