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EN World Review – Karma Deck & KD Booster: Requiem by Creation’s Edge Games

Editor-in-Chief | December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays, fellow gamers, to one and all!  Here we are, with only a few more days before Christmas and Kwanzaa, right in the very midst of Hanukkah… and for those traveling the D&D multiverse, the Four Feast of the Winter Solstice – at least according to my Calendar of Harptos!
This is the second to [...]

Review of Karma Deck by Creation’s Edge Games

Editor-in-Chief | April 28, 2010

“Sorry, my Karma just ran over your Dogma.” ~Anonymous
A lot has been written about Karma over the millennia since its foundation in Eastern religions.  But while Karma may have its origins in Eastern philosophies, there have certainly been plenty of Karma proponents among western writers and philosophers – whether they realized it or not.  There [...]