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Blood, Soul, and Spirit: Ten New Psionic Rituals for Dark Sun

Editor-in-Chief | February 20, 2012

About a month ago, I was working out a way to put more rituals into my Dark Sun Campaign that I run for a local gaming group here in Michigan.  In my blog, The Residuum Conundrum: Rituals in Dark Sun , I explored a few options to work out how rituals would be used on [...]

The Residuum Conundrum: Rituals in Dark Sun

Editor-in-Chief | January 17, 2012

Ever since I started DMing 4E, I’ve tried to champion the use of rituals in my D&D campaign.  While I know that to some players, the use of rituals is not exactly top on their list of priorities as heroic adventurers, I have managed to prove over time that rituals can be a useful, and [...]

Dark Sun Encounters: Threats from The Gray

Editor-in-Chief | September 19, 2011

My Dark Sun Campaign is still making headway, and the heroes are doing quite well for themselves, despite a rather tragic culling of one-third of the party in the Under Tyr a few weeks ago.  Their lost comrades have been replaced, rather reluctantly, by two new companions, and the heroes have embarked on their next [...]

Athas N W O: My New Dark Sun Campaign / My New DDI Frustrations

Editor-in-Chief | April 5, 2011

As I mentioned in a few of my previous blogs, I have started a new Dark Sun Campaign for my Detroit-based gaming group.  This last Friday evening, the campaign, which I have dubbed as Athas: New World Order or Athas:NWO for short, kicked off its first official role-playing session!
[Authors Note: Actually, it would be more [...]

Final Tweaks: Hidden Agendas, Alignments, & other Oddities in my Dark Sun Campaign

Editor-in-Chief | March 25, 2011

As I mentioned in a previous blog, From Hyperborea to Athas: Inspirations for a Dark Sun Campaign, my Detroit D&D group – not to be confused with my Toledo D&D group – is restarting their campaign in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting this week.  In just a few hours, we will be gathering to do [...]