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EN World Review – Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Kobold Press & Wizards of the Coast

Editor-in-Chief | August 21, 2014

Happy Almost-Friday, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers!
Well, it’s been one week since GENCON opened and I’m still on the post-con high from being around so much awesome gaming!  Sadly, I am also on the post-con low of trying to recover from a bout of “con-crud” – there was definitely a nasty cold-thingee roving around the [...]

GENCON 2014 – A Quick Report on Day 1 (Thursday)

Editor-in-Chief | August 14, 2014

Greetings Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!
It’s nighttime now after Day 1 at GENCON 2014, and I wanted to drop a quick report about all my activities here so far.  We actually arrived last night (Wednesday) after a pretty leisurely drive, and I got a good night’s sleep to be sure I’d be ready for the [...]

EN World Pre-Release Review – D&D Starter Set by Wizards of the Coast

Editor-in-Chief | July 10, 2014

Warmest greetings, Fellow Gamers and Gentle Readers…
…and I really do mean warmest, as the temperature in my domicile absolutely precludes me being anything but sweltering!  Oh, as surely as I lamented about the unseasonably freezing weather in the Vale of the Wolverine this last winter, the current midsummer heat is just as oppressive… but at [...]

Wizards of the Coast Announces New Dungeons & Dragons Will Be Free!

Editor-in-Chief | May 27, 2014

Some of my Readers might have noticed that it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog about the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  In fact, the last time I blogged anything regarding that new RPG dubbed “D&D Next” was back in August of 2012 – and admittedly, I was a rather outspoken [...]

Mordenkainen Speaks: What would the Great Gygax think about 4E, Pathfinder, and D&D Next?

Editor-in-Chief | December 10, 2012

I can proudly say that I’m what some would call a “lifetime gamer”.  Dungeons & Dragons gave me my introduction to role-playing games back in in 1978, and the Avalon Hill “bookshelf games” started my war / board gaming fandom a couple years later.  And although I’ve played many different styles of role-playing games from [...]