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Defenders Roundtable (Part III): To Serve & Protect

Editor-in-Chief | May 6, 2011

Welcome back to the third installment of the Defenders Roundtable, as we continue to compare the effectiveness of D&D 4E Defender classes as they hurl themselves into the heat of battle to protect their allies!  In Part I of the series, The Defenders Roundtable: Breaking Down Defenses , the mechanics of marking and retribution was [...]

Making the Mark

Editor-in-Chief | October 18, 2010

“Get away from her, you bi*ch!” ~ Ripley (Aliens, 1986)
Not too long ago, I was engaged in a “debate” on a blog site regarding the various merits of 4E versus those of 3.5.  Unlike my opponents, I tried not to disparage the other edition, as I had experienced many happy hours of play during my [...]