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Wizards Watch: D&D Next – Class Balance versus Design of Resentment

Editor-in-Chief | August 27, 2012

s many of you know from my blogs last week, I spent about 80% of my convention time covering seminars and panel discussions – and nearly all of those centered around the topic of D&D Next!  It was an excellent opportunity to hear all about the thought processes going into the creation of the next [...]

A Proposal & Petition: Say YES to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS / Say NO THANKS to D&D NEXT

Editor-in-Chief | July 16, 2012

I want to state right off that this was one of the most difficult blogs I have ever written since I started publishing on my Neuroglyph Games site.  I have literally spent several weeks pondering whether or not to take this course of action, and have been greatly concerned that it might be viewed as [...]

Wizards Watch: Bounded Accuracy & Risk versus Reward

Editor-in-Chief | June 25, 2012

Last Monday I wrote a fairly extensive blog on the troubling negativity toward 4E by D&D Next designers and proponents (Kicking 4E Under the Edition Bus).  I touched on WotC articles and blogs regarding Feats and Bounded Accuracy, and got some great responses from the community.  I really enjoyed the lively discussion in the blog [...]

Wizards Watch: Kicking 4E under the Edition Bus

Editor-in-Chief | June 18, 2012

It seems to me that there is a disturbing trend of late, arising in blogs, in forums, and on twitter.  D&D 4E seems to be coming under steadily increasing criticism, and its mechanics called into question compared to the “wonderful” mechanics of D&D Next.  Sure I get that, to a certain extent, it feels necessary [...]

Marlett’s Musings: One D&D Next Playtester’s Laments

Marlett | June 1, 2012

Back in January, I received a phone call from our editor/DM asking me if I’d like to help play test 5e… my response was quite obvious.  But excitement quickly turned to disappointment and bewilderment however, once we gathered for our first playtest session and the pdfs were handed around.  I thought, “this had to be [...]