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Dark Sun Encounters: Threats from The Gray

Editor-in-Chief | September 19, 2011

My Dark Sun Campaign is still making headway, and the heroes are doing quite well for themselves, despite a rather tragic culling of one-third of the party in the Under Tyr a few weeks ago.  Their lost comrades have been replaced, rather reluctantly, by two new companions, and the heroes have embarked on their next [...]

Mighty Minions: Pirate Scourge of the High Seas!

Editor-in-Chief | May 9, 2011

For my last play session of my Forgotten Realms Campaign, I had a bit of a quandary to resolve.  While my Heroes had been rooting out a band of evil cultists, they had been inadvertently transported, via a dark ritual, many miles from their home base in Baldur’s Gate.  At the time, it seemed like [...]

Foreshadowing, Rising Action, & Daily Powers

Editor-in-Chief | January 24, 2011

[Editor’s Note:  It’s good to be back again!  Between an extended Holiday break, post-Holiday ennui, and a bout of illness, there has not been a lot of posting here at Neuroglyph Games blogsite.  But now that things are getting better, you can expect to see blogs and reviews again!]
Last Saturday, I once again tested the [...]

Underdark Encounter: Bloodtainted Marauders

Editor-in-Chief | July 21, 2010

In my last blog, Monster Theme: Bloodtainted, I discussed working on some possible encounters for a new Underdark mini-campaign I was preparing for one of my D&D 4E groups.  I had created a Monster Theme, similar to the ones provided in Dungeon Master’s Guide 2, for a band of monsters called the Bloodtainted or the [...]

Release of New Product Line: Kill or Be Killed!

Editor-in-Chief | February 23, 2010

I’m very proud this week to announce that Neuroglyph Games has released its new product line: Kill or Be Killed!  This product line is devoted to bringing your Player-Characters action-packed battles against new and unique “boss” monsters.  These encounters can be used as a stand-alone combat, with almost no preparation, or can be used to [...]