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Gaming News Flash: Think March Madness… but for Gamers!

Editor-in-Chief | March 25, 2013

Sure, sure.  Everyone’s all into March Madness this year, like every other year, and the fevered rush of “picking brackets” seems to be a central topic of conversations, whether around the water cooler at work, or at your local coffee shop.
But this year, Fellow Gamers, we have a bit of March Madness of our own, [...]

Get Ready! International TableTop Day is Coming!

Editor-in-Chief | March 4, 2013

Unless you’ve somehow been living in some bizarre alternate reality for the past few years, you’ve probably found yourself watching Wil Wheaton and a coterie of celebs playing all kinds of board games, card games, and role-playing games on TableTop!  Sponsored by Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel, this web series has touched the [...]

Guild Wars 2: My Weekend in Ascalon (A Beta Weekend Review)

Editor-in-Chief | July 24, 2012

As with so many fantasy journeys, mine started in a most unexpected way…
As we all know, GenCon 2012 is rapidly approaching now, and I have been in all-out copper-pinching mode.  I’ve been questioning every purchase I make, resisting the urge to dine out with friends (I miss the sushi bar!), and budgeting out even my [...]