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The Feywild Codex: Archfey, Demesnes, & Other Oddities

Editor-in-Chief | May 28, 2012

Well, my Toledo Campaign is moving on into the Paragon Tier, and so my overall campaign story arc is likely to take them to new and strange locales.  It seems to me that in the Paragon Tier, the hreats have got to increase by a serious factor, the pace of the story has to go [...]

Those Horrible, Terrible… Fairies!

Editor-in-Chief | September 2, 2011

Last weekend, I went to go see a new movie by Guillermo del Toro… well not a new movie exactly, because it was a remake of a 70s horror classic called Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.  As it turns out, the remake was excellent, in fact more frightening than the original, and I maintain [...]

Review of Fey Folio by Alluria Publishing

Editor-in-Chief | April 26, 2010

”Come away, O human child! / To the waters and the wild / With a faery hand in hand, / For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.” ~ William Butler Yeats (”The Stolen Child”, 1889)
The fairy realm, of literature and myth, has never been more alive in a D&D version than [...]

Quillian’s Folio of Fantastical Fauna (Revised)

Quillian | November 3, 2009

by Quillian Valendiel, Sage
Fair greetings to all…
To the Learned and Sagely, it is no mystery that myriad Denizens dwell beyond the Veil, in the Lands commonly named the Feywild. Some are harmonious, while others are ferocious, and therefore,  knowing the nature and temperament of Fey Fauna can be most auspicious. 
And so, once more have I, [...]

Quillian’s Folio of Fantastical Fauna

Quillian | October 27, 2009

Fair greetings to you all…
Before venturing forth into dark and unknown lands, many are the times that Heroes, Travelers, and other Diverse Folk, seek out the wise counsel of Sages, such as I, Quillian Valeniel. Such counsel is not merely meet, but prudent, for one never knows what Foul Fiends and Dangerous Denizens may haunt [...]