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Gaming News Flash: Think March Madness… but for Gamers!

Editor-in-Chief | March 25, 2013

Sure, sure.  Everyone’s all into March Madness this year, like every other year, and the fevered rush of “picking brackets” seems to be a central topic of conversations, whether around the water cooler at work, or at your local coffee shop.
But this year, Fellow Gamers, we have a bit of March Madness of our own, [...]

GenCon 2012 Last Half Highlights: D&D Next Making the Core, The Future Look of D&D, and a Meeting the D&D Brand Team!

Editor-in-Chief | August 19, 2012

My convention companions and I just got in from the drive back from GenCon 2012, and thankfully we had a great day for driving back to Michigan – sunny with a few clouds and not a bit of rain in sight.  So before I get too tired and lose the war against exhaustion, I wanted [...]

GenCon 2012 First Half Highlights: D&D’s Digital Future, Next Playtest, Board Games, Keynote Address – and the D&D Next Celebrity Game!

Editor-in-Chief | August 18, 2012

Well the first two days here at GenCon 2012 have been a blur, and so I figured I’d finally getting around to writing up a few notes about my experiences during the First Half of the “Best Four Days of Gaming”!  It has been a busy couple of days, but I’ve been to a lot [...]

On the Trail to GenCon 2011

Editor-in-Chief | August 1, 2011

Here we are at the beginning of August, and like many other gamers, I’m finishing my preparations to attend GenCon 2011 this week!  Sadly due to work constraints, the “Best Four Days of Gaming” will only be the “Three Best Days” for me – but I will be attending all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday [...]

Yet Another GenCon Itinerary

Editor-in-Chief | August 3, 2010

Last week, I was hard at work plotting out some D&D 4E Characters for various LFR Events going on at GenCon 2010 this week.  But I came to realize I probably will not have much time to actually play much D&D as I had originally thought, as there are just too many other things going [...]