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EN World Review – D&D Gamma World RPG by WotC

Editor-in-Chief | November 10, 2010

Happy mid-week everyone, and I am pleased to announce that today’s EN World Review is all about the new D&D Gamma World Role-Playing Game by Wizards of the Coast.  I had the chance to play test this game last weekend before writing my review, and you can read all the details at the link below:
Review [...]

News In Review for Oct 11 to Oct 17 2010

Editor-in-Chief | October 17, 2010

It would seem that mutant mania has taken hold of the 4E news items this week in the wake of the release of the D&D Gamma World Role-Playing Game.  The new Gamma World RPG is definitely the “hot new” product to watch, appearing in two WotC news articles, as well as the D&D Podcast.  And Wizards’ [...]

Reporting In from GenCon 2010 (Part 3)

Editor-in-Chief | August 9, 2010

My final day at GenCon 2010 this year was Saturday, which I would deem my “Seminar Day”, spending almost 6 full hours over in the Indiana Ballroom G at the Marriott Hotel, where all the major Wizards of the Coast panels were held during the convention.  Alas, time constraints and budgets prevented me from staying [...]