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EN World Review – Adventures Dark and Deep Player’s Manual by Joseph Bloch

Editor-in-Chief | March 20, 2014

Greetings and Happy Spring, Fellow Gamers!
I’ve had an incredibly busy week since my last post, as I’ve been judging a ton of games and accessories for this year’s Origins/GAMA Awards at Origins Game Fair!  Actually, it wasn’t a ton, but was pretty close to 75 pounds of game books and a bunch of PDFs up [...]

EN World Review – Snakeriders of the Aradondo by Tim Kask

Editor-in-Chief | January 2, 2013

Happy New Years’ fellow gamers!  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday this year, and are enjoying the fact that we have once again survived yet-another-end-of-the-world scenario!  I think this is something like the fifth time I’ve managed to survive the End of the World, so I’m feeling pretty invincible now going into [...]

Mordenkainen Speaks: What would the Great Gygax think about 4E, Pathfinder, and D&D Next?

Editor-in-Chief | December 10, 2012

I can proudly say that I’m what some would call a “lifetime gamer”.  Dungeons & Dragons gave me my introduction to role-playing games back in in 1978, and the Avalon Hill “bookshelf games” started my war / board gaming fandom a couple years later.  And although I’ve played many different styles of role-playing games from [...]

EN World Review – The Secret Fire RPG by George Strayton

Editor-in-Chief | January 13, 2012

Greetings fellow gamers!  I trust everyone is having a great first month of this new year.  As some may have noticed, I have been a bit silent since the holidays, and haven’t posted too many reviews and blogs.  Sadly, between Christmas and New Year’s, I came down with raging case of strep throat, and spent [...]