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GenCon 2011 Highlights (Part 2): D&D Product Preview, Interviews, “Press” Game, and More!

Editor-in-Chief | August 9, 2011

Yesterday, in Part 1 of this blog series, I recapped the exciting news from the D&D Product Preview seminar.  It appears that Wizards of the Coast has a some awesome novel, board game, and role-playing game releases due out in the coming months for Dungeons & Dragons 4E.  In this blog, I want to cover [...]

Reporting from GenCon 2011 – Friday at the Con!

Editor-in-Chief | August 6, 2011

Well Friday was a pretty awesome day at GenCon 2011 this year, and my first day at the convention.  My friends and I left the for Indianapolis on Thursday evening, and it felt somewhat like a bad spoof of “Escape from Detroit”, given how bad traffic was trying to get out of the Motor City.  [...]

On the Trail to GenCon 2011

Editor-in-Chief | August 1, 2011

Here we are at the beginning of August, and like many other gamers, I’m finishing my preparations to attend GenCon 2011 this week!  Sadly due to work constraints, the “Best Four Days of Gaming” will only be the “Three Best Days” for me – but I will be attending all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday [...]