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Tiny Surrenders: Losing Talent in the 4E Community

Editor-in-Chief | November 7, 2011

Last week, I was greatly dismayed to find out that the game designers over on the site have thrown in the proverbial towel.  Quinn Murphy and Ryven Cedrylle really pushed at the borders of the 4E system, and found new ways to expand those borders into new, rich territories of gameplay, introducing unique ways [...]

Championing 3rd Party Publishers

Editor-in-Chief | March 7, 2011

When I started blogging today, it was to proclaim my fan-boyish excitement about this morning’s excerpt from the upcoming Heroes of Shadow sourcebook – due to be released next month.  I’ve been dabbling with involving at least one of my D&D 4E campaigns with a quest series into the Shadowfell, so it is not surprising [...]

The State of the GSL (Part 2)

Editor-in-Chief | November 8, 2010

Last Monday, I posted a blog, The State of the GSL, in preparation for an article I am working on regarding whether the GSL is still viable.  Along with responses to polls I included, there were a number of interesting comments about what folks thought were good and bad about the Game System License.
I mentioned [...]

The State of the GSL

Editor-in-Chief | November 1, 2010

There has been some interesting discussions going on lately about the GSL, or Game System License, which allows third-party publishers to produce and market products for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  Under the GSL, 3rd Party Publishers (3PP) can market their own adventures, character classes, monsters, and other source material within certain guidelines as provided [...]

EN World Review – The Manor of Deceit by Blackbyrne Publishing

Editor-in-Chief | October 27, 2010

Happy “Hump” Day, Fellow Gamers!  It is Wednesday, and today’s review is posted, as usual, over at EN World News!  This particular adventure is the second in a series that forms The Dark Veil Campaign Arc by Blackbyrne Publishing, and is the sequel to The Hidden Current.
Please click the link to read today’s review:
Review of [...]